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It's Pinners week!  We are so excited to be loading our van and driving out to Georgia for this week's Pinners Conference in Atlanta.  We love our Georgia Pinners friends and can't wait to join you this Friday and Saturday March 11th and 12th at the Cobb Galleria Centre.  We will be teaching three amazing classes this year.  
We will be teaching our How to Paint a Barn Quilt class on Saturday at 4:00.  The Farmer's Daughter is the barn quilt we will be making, one of my all time favorites.   In the class we will be covering how to draw a pattern, how to paint a barn quilt, and our unique finishing techniques that give your barn quilts the perfectly vintage look we are known for.  
You will also have the chance to paint with our gel-chalk paint, our Prairie Paints.  We can't wait to paint a hundred barn quilts in an hour with you.  In addition to the best class, we will also be giving away one gorgeous barn quilt.  We can't tell you which one, but be sure it is amazing!  We have plenty of kits and our classroom is be assured there is a place for you.
How to Paint a Barn Quilt
Pinners Conference - Georgia
Saturday, March 12th 
at 4:00 in Room 1

Our next class in the Field of Flowers Beginning Embroidery Class.  I lovvvve this class!  We cover all the beginning stitches while embroidering a darling little field garden of flowers.  If you have never embroidered before or if you want a refresher, or just love embroidery...this is the class for you!  We have lots of kits and are excited to have you join us.

Field of Flowers Embroidery 
Pinners Conference - Georgia
Friday, March 11th
at 11:00 in Room 3
I'm saving the best for last!  On Saturday morning, we are teaching my all time favorite Pinners class, the Flourish Rubber Stamp Carving Class.  This class is so much fun!  You will learn how to carve a block of rubber into a floral stamp that you can use to make cards, gift paper, and even your own fabric panels.  

Flourish Rubber Stamp Carving 
Pinners Conference - Georgia
Saturday, March 12th
at 10:00 in Room 6

What I love the most about this class is how unique everyone's stamps are.  We begin the class with carving techniques and everyone begins carving.  By the time we finish everyone had a beautiful stamp that was uniquely theirs's.  It's so true that no two flowers are the same, just as we are all one of  kind.  It's a great class, and we know you will love it!  Come join us Saturday morning!
As I'm finishing this post, my husband came to tell me the car is loaded and we are ready to go.  We love teaching at Pinners Conference's .  We've been teaching with them for five years and have met so many of you from all corner's of the country.  It is an amazing conference which leaves you renewed and happy.  All the classes, all the's so much fun.  
If you need a ticket go to Pinners Conference and get a class pass.  We have room in our classes and kits waiting for you!  This year you can save on your admission by donating to a good cause too, check out their site for details.  We hope to see you this coming weekend in Georgia! 
For those of you who can't make it, there is a discount code all week Pinners20 to save 20% on all we can all celebrate, dream and create together, no matter where we are.  xo

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