Thank you for visiting our shop today!
Thank you for visiting our shop today!
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Our Story

A few years ago we began Tweetle Dee with the mantra to Celebrate, Dream & Create a little bit of Joy each new day!  We all want to feel joy in our lives.  Our hope with Tweetle Dee is to inspire you to;
+ Celebrate everyday, the big & the small..
+ Dream your life in color, making it yours in every way...
+ Create something with your heart, mind & hands everyday!

What started as two people painting, quilting, stitching and refinishing has grown into an incredible collaboration of imaginative friends who help spread a little joy each day with products that support a joyful life of creativity.  Every week there is something new in our shop!
It may be a newly inspired vintage sign, a wire weaving project, a deconstructed sofa, a fabulous Prairie Paint color that we can't wait to share, or a new quilt project.

...and let's not forget our homestead recipes!  Both of us love to dream our cooking from the kitchen onto our blog for you.  Follow our blog at for the latest in the kitchen!

In our shop you will find that everything has a story from someone, somewhere in time.  We are inspired by dreamers of all times and hope you find a creative place here with us at Tweetle Dee. .
Oh, and we also enjoy a hot cup of anything, a big bowl of Shrimp & Grits, Sunday naps and pretty much anything with our huge and ever-growing family!
Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Abby Lyke + Hicks