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New Spring Barn Quilts

barn quilt barn quilts

The colors of spring are beginning to burst around our mountains which have inspired two new spring barn quilts for 2022.  The Plum Creek and Carolina Lily Barn Quilts are painted with our vintage paint collection, Prairie Paints.  Available in many sizes with framing options make these perfect for outdoors, front porches and homes. 
Plum Creek Barn Quilt
The Plum Creek Barn Quilt was inspired by the colors that line the creek bed of our mountain home. Beautiful deep plums, soft neutrals.  So pretty together.  It comes without a frame, painted on reclaimed wood and sealed for indoor or outdoor use.  Frames and custom colors are available upon request.  
Carolina Lily Barn Quilt
The traditional quilt block, Carolina Lily has found it's home at Tweetle Dee!  I have long loved this design and have painted it in many of our Prairie Paints, but have not listed it for commissions until now.  We are excited to have this framed barn quilt join the Tweetle Dee Barn Quilt Collection, and is ready for orders to arrive for spring.  Custom colors can be chosen from our Prairie Paints in Our Shop.  This barn quilt will be coming soon in a pattern and kit, so join our newsletter to get special pricing when they arrive!

As the snow melts off and the colors of spring arrive, we hope you find a renewal too.  These two new barn quilt designs bring a little joy to us as we paint them for you.  We love seeing orders come in with special requests for colors and even more as you place orders for paints and supplies to paint your own beautiful barn quilts.  They bring a relief and some joy to our hearts and we hope yours too.  xo

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