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Irish Chain Barn Quilt

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Happy March dear friends!  We love the beginning of March because we know spring is soon on its way, even if we got 4 inches of snow last night!  It's all about believing in seasons and that they come and go.  We are ready for green and even if you live where everything is still white, we can have a little green in or on our homes with this beautiful new design, The Irish Chain Barn Quilt .


This design was created last fall at the request of some darling grand kids from the midwest who wanted to honor their immigrant grandmother who came from Ireland, built her farm along with her husband, planting clover each spring, and who loved to quilt the Irish Chain.  We added her colors and a little blue to represent the blue skies that wrap their farm from the north, south, east and west.  
Painted in our favorite Prairie Paint colors, Iron Gate, Lambs Ear, Fir Bough, Homestead House, and Larkspur Blue.   Our paints are available in Our Shop.  We framed the quilt in walnut sealed in our finishing oil which makes it weather safe and non-toxic to have in your home.  All of our sealants and paints are VOC free and non-toxic.
We hope you enjoy this new pattern.  We are working on a colorized template for those of you who love to paint your own barn quilts, it is available as a ready painted piece in a 22", 33" and 44" with custom colors available upon request.  I am also working this up as a fabric quilt pattern which will be soooo fun to sew on a big repeating pattern.  
We wish you a happy spring and a very happy March! 

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