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Thank you for visiting our shop today!
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Hand Dyed Stitching Cloth

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A field of flowers, a basket of weeds and a wilting seed pod all the bounties of the mountain we live on and love and now they are forever sealed into our hand dyed stitching cloth and in Our Shop for you to stitch, piece, and quilt with.

Tweetle Dee Hand Dyed Stitching Cloth


The inspiration for the Hand-Dyed Stitching Cloth came from my boredom with flat colored embroidery cloth.  You know I love depth of color and texture in all of my work whether it is in paint layers, hand- variegated threads, or fabric, I want my pieces to look well-loved, or vintage.  I adore the faded colors of these stitching pieces.  


With each batch we brewed, the colors out of hiding and the water baths were like a cherished prize wine.  As the cotton linens were added to the pots we could see those beautiful living colors blend into the fibers making each piece unique with the folds of the fabric and pockets of dye.



This process is done for each batch of stitching cloth.  It takes a lot of love and time to make each full fat or half fat perfect.  We fell in love with this little bit of extra to each of my embroidery pieces.  As you stitch you will too,  knowing that those colors came from a hand picked bloom, seed, or weed  and now add that little something special to your embroidery or quilt piece.





You can purchase all twelve colors in The Shop in a Full-Fat 22" x 22" and a Half-Fat 11" x 11".  Whether you use them for quilting, slow stitching or embroidery, you will love stitching with these fabrics!  

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