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Prairie Paints are here!

We are so very excited to announce that our 
Prairie Paint Collection is here!  


The dream of creating our own paint line with the 32 signature colors we paint our barn quilts and furniture with seemed like the impossible dream a few years ago, but here we are!  It is launch day and we could not be more excited to share these uniquely formulated paints with you our dear friends.


We knew we had to create a paint that was thick, so thick.  It also had to have immense color saturation to allow for one coat coverage.  It had to adhere to various surfaces, and hold up to indoor and outdoor elements.  

Hay Down Prairie Paint 
After a lot of testing we created a unique formula that is a chalk-gel paint.  We loved the finish of the chalk paint and the thick-smoothness of the gel.  It is amazing to paint with and we fell even more in love with it when it came time to antique it.  The colors do not "bleed" onto each other...the reds stay red with one coat and each color has the vintage-dusty, well-loved look that is our signature.


Old Walnut Prairie Paint


We have used these paints in our classes around the country for the past year and have had favorable reviews from our students.   Everyone who has painted with them has been anxiously awaiting their release.  

 Here are some answers to the common questions we receive.


  •  Our paints come ready to use, no mixing needed. 
  •  They can be thinned for a lighter finish.  
  •  They are the colors & paints we use on our barn quilts and vintage signs.
  •  We have tested them indoors and out for the past year with perfect results.
  •  They have zero VOC, are non-toxic, and odorless.
  •   You will LOVE them!




Old Orchard Prairie Paint



Burleigh Blue Prairie Paint


Each color in our Prairie Paints Collection has a special story behind it's name, those stories come with each color you choose.  We will be highlighting a color each month and sharing those stories with you here on our blog, along with special paint projects using the paint of the month.



Both of us have designed and created many things over the years that we loved, but nothing has brought us more pride and joy than creating our very own Prairie Paints.  We can't wait to see what you create with them.  You can find them in our online shop, Amazon and at your local retailers soon.  

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