Thank you for visiting our shop today!
Thank you for visiting our shop today!
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Ready to Paint Barn Quilts

We are over the moon with our newest product launch!  After years of listening to you fret over how to draw our barn quilt and hex designs onto your DIY Barn Quilts, we have finally found a perfect solution.  I can't tell you how in love I am with these Ready to Paint Barn Quilt & Kits!
Little Pieces Heart Ready to Paint Barn Quilt Kit
Our Ready to Paint Barn Quilt Boards and Kits come with the design printed onto the wood!  Printed in the color of our sealing stain.  They are smooth and beautiful and framed in pine.  Currently we are offering them in two perfect sizes, a 22" and a 18" size.  
Dutch Girl Ready to Paint Barn Quilt Board
Just look at the perfect lines on those boards!  It is amazing.  Each month we will be releasing new designs and kits as well as a kit of the month with a Paint-A-Long Zoom Class for anyone who purchase the kit that month.  We are working as quick as we can to add some of our old designs too.  We can't wait to see the Amish Hexes...which will be next.

Texas Star Ready to Paint Barn Quilt Board
Is there a design you would want to see pre-printed onto a Ready to Paint Barn Quilt Board?  If so leave a comment or email us at  We would love to hear from you.  You have asked for this for so long, as we know you all have your favorites which you would love to see small and precise.  
We took these Ready To Paint Barn Quilts to our fall conferences and they sold out!  We came home with one of our samples left that I would not let out of my hands.  We quickly got back to the shop and made our first six designs and today is the day you get to have them too!

So this month's barn quilt of the month is the Broken Dishes, which will be posted tomorrow on the blog, but for now you can go to The Shop and see the first six Ready To Paint Barn Quilt Boards and the Little Pieces Heart Ready To Paint Barn Quilt Kits.  
As always we want to thank you for your support over the past seven years we have been designing and painting barn quilts.  It is a passion for us.  The quilting design and our love of history, color, and the stories behind our quilts and barn quilts have brought us so much joy.  We love to share that joy with you and know you will love this new addition to the Tweetle Dee family.  You're gonna love them! 
Remember to use code ThankYou10 to save 10% off your order.  xo

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