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Winter Flake Barn Quilt

barn quilt barn quilts

Once in a while a quilt block becomes the inspiration for a piece of art, in this case a painted barn quilt.   I am so honored to have been blessed to paint the Winter Flake Quilt designed by Katarina Roccella into wood.  I loved the angles of this beautiful flake and new it had to be painted.  

With a "pond" between us, we were able to graph and paint this beauty on a week when Mother Nature dumped four days of snow on our mountain, and then the sun came out just as we finished framing this beautiful quilt block.  
The Winter Flake Quilt Pattern is available through Katarina Roccella at her website.  You can also follow her on Instagram @katarinaroccella or the hashtag #winterflakequilt.  I hope to make this quilt soon in fabric, but for now I'll be happy to have it painted and sparkling in our mountain snow.  Thank you Katarina for the blessing of painting this beautiful barn quilt.  
The colors used from our Prairie Paint line were Apple Orchard, Stony Brook, Blue Spruce, Spring Moss, Lambs Ear and Poppy Pink.  Those of you who have painted with these Gel-chalk Paints know how beautiful they are on wood, and these colors together made the most beautiful Winter Flake.  All of our paints are available in the shop.  

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