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The Celebration Star: A New Amish Hex by Tweetle Dee Design Co.

At Tweetle Dee Design Co., we are thrilled to introduce our newest Amish hex sign, the Celebration Star. This vibrant design not only marks our 13th anniversary but also embodies the core values that have guided us from the beginning: Celebrate, Dream, Create.

The Celebration Star is a round hex sign, symbolizing the endless cycles of our days, each bringing new opportunities to find joy and inspiration. The circular shape represents continuity, harmony, and the never-ending journey of life. Every turn of the wheel reflects our commitment to infusing daily moments with positivity and creativity.

 Our color choices for the Celebration Star are deeply meaningful. The bold red, of our Prairie Paint Indian Paintbrush signifies celebration, reminding us to appreciate our achievements and cherish the joyous moments. It’s a color that invites festivity and the recognition of life’s milestones, big and small.


The vibrant yellow of Sunflower Petal symbolizes creativity, the spark that ignites our passion for designing and crafting unique pieces. Yellow is the color of innovation, encouraging us to think outside the box and bring fresh, exciting ideas to life. It stands for the light and energy that creativity brings into our lives and work.

The calming blue of Morning Glory represents dreams, the foundation of every great endeavor. The points extending to the edge of the design encourage us to look beyond the horizon, to imagine and aspire. It’s the color of the sky and the sea, vast and full of possibilities, just like our dreams.

Together, these colors and the circular design of the Celebration Star encapsulate our motto: Celebrate, Dream, Create. They serve as a daily reminder to embrace joy, pursue our dreams, and let our creativity shine.


As we celebrate Tweetle Dee’s 13th anniversary, we are grateful for the support and inspiration from our community. We have traveled to the corners of this country and across the pond to create with so many of you and we cherish these memories.

 The Celebration Star is more than just a design; it’s a symbol of our journey and a beacon of the joy we aim to spread through our work. Here’s to many more years of celebrating, dreaming, and creating together!

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