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Rays of Hope

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I have always loved rainbows!  After every storm I go out and look to see what colors appear in the sky.  Forever rainbows have been a symbol of hope.  Over the past couple of months through Covid19 and the unprecedented changes that we have all experienced, there have been many "signs of hope" in our communities and families.





For as many fear driven stories and realities played out on television screens and in personal accounts of loss there has been stories of hope.  We see it in the front line essential workers who have served us, kept us fed, worked long shifts and I can't even begin to express the awe and gratitude to our medical workers and leaders.  I am equally touched by the way our teachers have kept spirits up with parades, zoom parties, gifts to door steps and their smiles that offered hope.  

Around us I began to see rainbows.  Many colors.  Rainbows in windows, chalk drawn on driveways, flags of color flying from porches, and of course in our skies after the rains had passed.  That simple blending of light creates something magnificent that we all can see as a symbol of hope, much like the small and mighty acts of kindness and service we have witnessed during our Covid19 pandemic.  My heart breaks and then I look for hope.  It's a daily thing for me.  

I created this Rays of Hope Barn Quilt as a symbol of this time.  Just like barn quilts and hexes in history with their symbols and colors all signifying some memory, I wanted a quilt from this time to remember there is always a ray of hope before us.  This barn quilt is framed and comes in four sizes in Our Shop.  We also offer a pattern and kit for those who want to paint it themselves.



The pattern comes in full color step by step instructions with a traceable pattern and tracing sheet.  This allows you to enlarge the pattern to the size board you want to paint, lay down the tracing sheet and trace the pattern onto the wood.  How simple is that?



The Rays of Hope Barn Quilt is available now for order now with 20% off your entire order until the 15th of May.  No codes needed and as always we offer free shipping on orders over $50.00.  We want to thank you for being one of our Rays of Hope during this pandemic and social distancing time.  Your orders and support have kept my bills paid and have been a huge blessing to our family.  I drop to my knees with every order and thank God for answering our needs through you.  So, thank you and we love you!  Stay safe and stay strong...and continue to look for your rays of hope.


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