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Save 25% on today's order with code Shop25.
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Primped Up Farmhouse Hexie Pumpkins

Fall Hexie Pumpkins Pumpkins Supplies

Primped Up Farmhouse Hexie Pumpkins

Fall is here and our Farmhouse Hexie Pumpkins are getting all primped up with bold colors in fabric and our gorgeous Prairie Paints!  We filmed a segment with our favorite daytime lifestyle show Fresh Living and showed several ways you can decorate our loved ready to decorate Farmhouse Hexie Pumpkins.
They come ready to stain, paint or Modge Podge with your favorite designs.  For me, I choose to Modge Podge them with my most adored fabrics designed by some of my friends.  I layed the pumpkin down with the fabric wrong side up and traced out the shape.  Then I cut out the fabric panels and brushed one layer of Modge Podge down on the wood, layed the fabric over it and brushed a second coat on top.  This seals the fabric so well!  Make sure the bubbles are out by flattening it with your fingers or a dry brush.

Let the Modge Podge fully dry.  Once it is dry you can trim off any excess fabric with a sharp cut knife or a sander will remove any access as well.  I used my sander on the corners and edges of the fabric pumpkins to distress them.  With the Modge Podge dry, I was able to dry brush some of our Prairie Paints Oil Stain onto the fabrics to give an all over aging to them.  It was so pretty over the Coneflowers and polka-dots.  After I brushed the stain on I wiped it off with a dry cloth and let it dry.
If you are wanting to trace on a quilt block pattern, florals, or wording, I recommend you use my favorite a Carbon Transfer Paper Cut a piece off of the carbon paper that equals the size of your pumpkin.  Lay it over the pumpkin and place the image you are wanting to trace on top of the carbon paper.  Use a soft lead pencil to trace the design onto your pumpkin.  Lift the design and you are ready to paint in your detailed design!  You can watch a tutorial for this type of transfer on my Tweetle Dee You Tube Page.  

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I hope you find yourself a Farmhouse Hexie Pumpkin and get it all primped up for the fall season!  I love mine so much, they might hang around a little longer.  Remember to go to OUR SHOP this weekend and save 20% on all orders with code : Pumpkins!  
Have a wonderful weekend!

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