Happy Birthday Sale! Save 30% on all barn quilts through Saturday with code HappyBirthday30.
Happy Birthday Sale! Save 30% on all barn quilts through Saturday with code HappyBirthday30.
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Farm and Hive Workshop

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Hi all!  We are right in the middle of summer and loving all of the long sunny days, with flowers growing and bees a buzzing.  One of my favorite "bee friends" has invited us to come to her new farm in Idaho to teach a two day workshop in October.  Farm and Hive  is where we will be on October 13th and 14th and we can't wait to share the details with you.  
We have been blessed to know Susie Goodspeed for many years.  We met at an event in Midway, Utah where she was selling her honey and beeswax products and we were selling our barn quilts.  We were across the isle from each other and in between customer visits, we got to know each other.  Since then we have had several workshops together painting barn quilts and loving her warm and happy slice of heaven.  Her farm doors are always open to all and you leave feeling so positive about life.  I just love her!

Last year, she and her husband Tyler sold their Utah farm and moved to Inkom, Idaho to live out a much larger dream.  Her farm is growing, with babies of all kinds and lots of products that are handmade by her and her family.  Her candles and ornaments have been my favorite gifts to share.  

One of the things we share is a love of painting barn quilts.  It's the time away from chores and family needs, a moment to think, create and share together that brings us together.  So, we are beyond excited to be driving our Tweetle Dee Mae Classroom up to Susie's farm for a two day workshop in October. 

The workshop will begin with an embroidery workshop where we will learn the basic embroidery stitches while making our My Soul Belongs to Wildflowers denim sampler while sampling honey and cider.  

The next day we will gather at the farm for our How to Paint a Barn Quilt Workshop where you get to choose from our barn quilt pattern collection to paint your own barn quilt, using our gorgeous Prairie Paints.  We will enjoy a farm lunch together and end the day finishing your barn quilt with our special finishing techniques that will give you a beautiful barn quilt to take home and love for years to come.
To register go to Our Shop and sign up.  There are options to attend the entire two days or just one.  We hope you can make it for both and enjoy two whole days of celebrating, dreaming and creating together.  
For questions regarding this event please email me at tweetledeedesigns@gmail.com. 

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