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Thank you for visiting our shop today!
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Chadwick Farms and Swiss Christmas

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It has been a long time coming, but here are the two most requested patterns of 2022, The Swiss Christmas Barn Quilt Pattern and Chadwick Farms.  We are so excited to have them printed and in our shop ready for shipping this week!  
The Swiss Christmas is a striking clean and simple little tree, made of Swiss Crosses and painted in my favorite Prairie Paint greens.  This design is an original from us at Tweetle Dee and was created to honor our Swiss friends, and there love of simple design.  For years, we have brought this with us to all of our Swiss events and it is a much loved design.  Now, the pattern is available as a PDF download or a paper pattern, ready for shipping to your mailbox.  
Chadwick Farms was a custom design for a family in the east, who loved the Blue Willow paint color from our Prairie Paint Collection and wanted to design a classic looking original quilt design for their farm.  Those opportunities are what motivates us to create from the heart.  We have had so many of you ask for this design in a pattern, and now it is here in the shop as a PDF download and a paper pattern too.

If your are wanting to paint one for the holidays, and one for January, this combination is pure perfection.  We have sent both designs out to have them made into paintable mini and large kits, in case you like an option with everything included.  
Our patterns include the instructions, paint guide and templates to make our design into wall art of any size.   They are beginner friendly and join our collection 0f 170+ Tweetle Dee Designs.  We hope you find them something to celebrate, dream and create in your own home.  

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