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Prairie Paints Tool Barn Chalk-Gel Paint
Tweetle Dee Design Co.

Prairie Paints Tool Barn Chalk-Gel Paint

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 After years of painting furniture and thousands of barn quilts always mixing our perfectly subtle, aged paint colors we decided it was time to create our own line of paints called, Prairie Paints.  Each color tells a story with it's name and the colors are perfectly vintage.

+ An unbelievably smooth and thick chalk paint that helps to avoid runs and seepage under tape.

+ Superior coverage with vibrant subtle colors that cover in one coat.

+ Safe to use, zero VOC, non-toxic formulation,

Our Prairie Paints have been tested on large pieces of furniture, indoor and outdoor elements, kitchen cabinetry and of course our hand painted barn quilts! The colors hold up to all elements and look beautiful alone or sealed with our tinted waxes and oils.  

Our Tool Barn Prairie Paint is a medium dark red that is inspired from the deep red of the tool barn on the farm. What was once a bright red, has turned into a soft. warm, rusty red with years of sun and snow. If you are looking for a barn red that is soft and deep, this is the color for you.

You will love painting with our unique Prairie Paints!